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SSI Freediving Instructor Course in Sharm

SSI Freediving Instructor Course Level 2

SSI Freediving Instructor Course Level 2
Sharm El Sheikh, from 13th to 17th of April 2013.

World Record holder and SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer Anna Von Boetticher will be teaching an SSI Freediving Instructor Course in English.

• Be 18 Years Old
• Have Instructor quality freediving equipment
• Have Medical completed and signed by doctor
• Be SSI Level 3 Freediver or equivalent from another agency
• Current CPR and Oxygen Provider certificates

Course will be held at Only One Apnea Center, inside Domina Coral Bay, where freedivers can train in outstanding conditions.

Instructor Course Level 2: 750€
Crossover: 350€
Instructor Kit: 175€
Accommodation & transportation excluded.

This course will be limited to 4 spaces so register today!



New Pocket mask by SUBGEAR

new pocket mask by SUBGEAR

Review by Marco Nones

The news of the week seems to be the arrival on the market of the last mask produced by Subgear: the Pocket Mask.

Since I have seen it on the shelves of the local Subgear dealer, I felt very interested on it because is very nice looking – I’m Italian and that is a master point!! – and because the quality of the silicone seems to be hyper soft and very comfortable. I have mustaches and still stays on my face!

At a first look it can be easily confused with a classic free diving model: black color, squared lenses and a general flat shape, but after a closer look we can immediately recognize few new amazing details. For example the total absence of the frame, for a consequent very small distance between eyes and lenses, which improve visibility and reduce the inner volume. The strap is connected to the silicone part, instead of the plastic frame, for a perfect fitting on different face shapes.

What really shock me the most, is the idea to remove the usual hard connection between two lenses, in order to give an extreme flexibility to all the mask. It can be twisted in any direction as no one else before and, over all for us free divers, has an exceptional “squeezing factor”.

Per “squeezing factor” I personally mean the ability of a mask to get squeezed on our face during the descent without hurting us or getting flooded… this is a very important factor to consider when divers approach to deep free diving (40+ meters). Latest technique for deep free diving requires to don’t equalize the mask anymore after a certain depth, to increase the air left for the equalization of our ears, as a consequence the more the mask can be squeezed the less often we need to equalize it!!!

Of course this is not the only mask on market that can do that (ex. Sphera mask) but for sure is the only one that doesn’t create any visual distortion, thanks to the flat glass lens that Subgear has cleverly used instead of the curved plastic lenses, typical of the direct concurrency masks.

For all these reasons it can be easily used for many different underwater activities, eliminating the need to purchase many different masks, one for each single activity you like to do. In fact, it combines at the best a wide view angle (typical for scuba divers) and a small inner volume (typical for free divers) with a very high squeezing factor (typical of deep divers!).

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