Only One Apnea Center is not just a school to take the first steps towards freediving, but rather a complete reality that believes in and promotes modern freediving: a training center that is not limited to the simple issuance of a certification but organizes special lessons and workshops aimed to explore the various techniques up to advanced levels and continuously monitor the technical progress of his divers, including by developing new ways to make more effective the education system and more easy to learn special techniques.

Athletes from all didactics can work throughout the year in all disciplines and in complete safety, thanks to the floating platform with a counterbalance system and safety freedivers always present on site.

Only One Apnea Center offers its services all year long: the special characteristics of the training field in the sea, located in a bay sheltered from wind and current (Tiger Bay), are perfect to practice freediving 365 days a year and test, in total safety, targeted equipment such as the head down sled, to train effectively the equalization, the variable sled and no limits sled.

To really experience freediving in all its aspects, Only One Apnea Center also offers recreational activities for certified freedivers, such as the exploration of the coral reef by speed boat or boat trips or with the use of underwater scooter, as well as the opportunity to record the memories of the memorable experiences done, with one of our GoPro cameras.

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