New Pocket mask by SUBGEAR

new pocket mask by SUBGEAR

Review by Marco Nones

The news of the week seems to be the arrival on the market of the last mask produced by Subgear: the Pocket Mask.

Since I have seen it on the shelves of the local Subgear dealer, I felt very interested on it because is very nice looking – I’m Italian and that is a master point!! – and because the quality of the silicone seems to be hyper soft and very comfortable. I have mustaches and still stays on my face!

At a first look it can be easily confused with a classic free diving model: black color, squared lenses and a general flat shape, but after a closer look we can immediately recognize few new amazing details. For example the total absence of the frame, for a consequent very small distance between eyes and lenses, which improve visibility and reduce the inner volume. The strap is connected to the silicone part, instead of the plastic frame, for a perfect fitting on different face shapes.

What really shock me the most, is the idea to remove the usual hard connection between two lenses, in order to give an extreme flexibility to all the mask. It can be twisted in any direction as no one else before and, over all for us free divers, has an exceptional “squeezing factor”.

Per “squeezing factor” I personally mean the ability of a mask to get squeezed on our face during the descent without hurting us or getting flooded… this is a very important factor to consider when divers approach to deep free diving (40+ meters). Latest technique for deep free diving requires to don’t equalize the mask anymore after a certain depth, to increase the air left for the equalization of our ears, as a consequence the more the mask can be squeezed the less often we need to equalize it!!!

Of course this is not the only mask on market that can do that (ex. Sphera mask) but for sure is the only one that doesn’t create any visual distortion, thanks to the flat glass lens that Subgear has cleverly used instead of the curved plastic lenses, typical of the direct concurrency masks.

For all these reasons it can be easily used for many different underwater activities, eliminating the need to purchase many different masks, one for each single activity you like to do. In fact, it combines at the best a wide view angle (typical for scuba divers) and a small inner volume (typical for free divers) with a very high squeezing factor (typical of deep divers!).

New Serbian freediving record in No-Limits @ Only One Apnea Center


3rd of January 2013 – 11.05 am – Domina Coral Bay – Sharm El Sheikh

Another national record has been set at Only One Apnea Center: Andreas Pap from Serbia has just resurfaced from an amazing dive to 80 meters in the technical discipline of No-Limits.

Andreas’s adventure started two weeks before, once arrived at Only One Apnea Center, in the new location of Domina Coral Bay: despite the Christmas time, he has decided to spend his holidays training free diving, in order to add a new record to his experience rather than enjoying a typical Christmas tree… very good decision!!!!

Since the beginning of the preparation, during the firsts dives on the sled, Andreas felt very comfortable with the depth and with the new discipline (for him) of No-Limits diving and thanks to his high experience in others disciplines he has reached very quickly the right feeling with the water.

In the previous days he dived with the sled multiple time per day, in order to reach the record’s depth, with easy progressions, some days before the attempt, to have the highest chances possible to successfully perform the dive during the official record attempt.

Infact, in free diving, the stress created by “the official attempt” and by all the attentions around the athlete, may influence negatively the performances, that’s why repetitive dives at target depth makes easier and easier for the athlete perform the dive in any conditions.

The official day started in the best way: sunshine and flat sea conditions… who wants more? During his warm-up Andreas felt very well, without any tensions or signs of stress; infact, after 3 easy dives, he decided he was ready to jump on the sled for the first dive of the day, at 40 meters. Resurfaced without problems, he immediately started to get ready for the second “deep dive” before the target dive: 45 seconds of descent to reach the bottom at 60 meters and still everything were fine…  everyone start feeling “positive vibrations” about the target dive!

At 11.00am everything is ready for the attempt: doctors from “First Care Medical Services” are on the platform, AIDA judges are ready to look at any details, organizer and safeties are fully focused on their job and videocameras are running… 30 seconds… 20 seconds… 10 seconds… 5,4,3,2,1… (few seconds delay, maybe stress?) …GO!

The sled disappears from the surface, the dive has began!!!

After 30 seconds Andreas should be at 40m: no signs of brak… 45 sec/60m and still going…. 50 sec/70m and still going… 55 seconds and… TOUCH DOWN at 80 meters! Just half way to the record! Now: inflate the balloon, change the position, keep relax and enjoy the ascent. After 1 minute 55 seconds from the beginning of the dive, Andreas resurface with a big smile on his face and perform the official surface protocol to judges and cameras it’s a pure formality, insuring the validity of this spectacular record dive and the new Serbian National Record. Well done man!!!

Only One Apnea Center really likes to thanks his sponsor for all the support received: Domina Coral Bay, Uk-Germany, Polosub, Carbonio GFT and First Care Medical Services.

A special thanks to Linda Paganelli, Jacques des Vos, Paola Moccia and Luca Novelli for their precious help.

Enjoy the blue and dive safe!


3 Gennaio 2013 – ore 11.05 – Domina Coral Bay – Sharm El Sheikh

Un altro Record Nazionale è stato realizzato ad Only One Apnea Center: Andres Pap, atleta Serbo, è appena riemerso da una fantastica immersione a 80 metri nella disciplina tecnica del No-Limits.

L’avventura di Andreas è iniziata due settimane fa, quando è arrivato ad Only One Apnea Center. Nonostante il periodo festivo, invece di rilassarsi con una classica vacanza natalizia, ha deciso di allenarsi due settimane per realizzare il suo sogno: stabilire un nuovo record nazionale… ottima scelta!

Fin dall’inizio della sua preparazione, Andreas si è subito sentito a proprio agio con la profondità e,  grazie alla sua grande esperienza da apneista, ha raggiunto molto velocemente il giusto feeling con la slitta, nonostante la disciplina del No-Limits per lui fosse una novità.

Per aumentare le possibilità di performare con successo l’immersione del record,  nell’ultima settimana Andreas si è immerso con la slitta più volte al giorno, raggiungendo la profondità target svariate volte, attraverso facili progressioni. Nell’apnea, infatti, lo stress causato dal tentativo di record ufficiale e tutte le attenzioni rivolte all’atleta, possono influenzare in maniera negativa la performance; ecco perchè arrivare ripetutamente alla profondità target durante gli allenamenti, rende molto più facile, per l’atleta, poter ripetere l’immersione in qualsiasi condizione.

La giornata del record è iniziata nel migliore dei modi: il sole splende, il mare è piatto… cosa si puo’ chiedere di più? Durante il riscaldamento Andreas si è sentito molto bene, senza alcuna tensione o segni di stress; infatti, dopo 3 facili tuffi, si è subito sentito pronto a salire sulla slitta per la prima immersione della giornata, a 40 metri, per avvicinarsi all’obbiettivo. Riemerso senza alcun problema, ha immediatamente iniziato la preparazione per la seconda ed ultima immersione profonda prima del tentativo ufficiale: 45 secondi di discesa per raggiungere i 60 metri senza il minimo problema… tutti quanti hanno iniziato ad avere vibrazioni positive riguardo il record!

Alle 11.00 è tutto pronto per il tentativo: i dottori del “First Care Medical Services” sono in piattaforma, i giudici AIDA sono pronti a controllare ogni dettaglio, gli organizzaori e gli apneisti di sicurezza sono concentarti sul loro lavoro e le videocamere stanno riprendendo. Parte il conto alla rovescia: 30 secondi… 20 secondi… 10 secondi… 5,4,3,2,1… (qualche second di ritardo, forse stress?) …..GO!

La slitta scompare dalla superficie, l’immersione è iniziata!!!

Dopo 30 secondi Andreas dovrebbe essere a 40m: nessun segno di frenata… a 45 secondi/60m sta ancora scendendo… 50 secondi/70m e ancora scende… 55 secondi e….. TOUCH DOWN a 80 metri! Perfetto, ma è solo a metà strada per il record. Ora bisogna gonfiare il pallone di sollevamento, cambiare la posizione, mantenere il rilassamento e godersi la risalita.

Dopo 1 minuto e 45 secondi dall’inizio dell’immersione, la faccia di Andreas riemerge dal blu con un gran sorriso e la realizzazione del protocollo di superficie, di fronte a giudici e videocamera, risulta essere una pura formalità, comunque necessaria per assicurare la validità del nuovo Record Nazionale Serbo: bravo Andreas!!!

Only One Apnea Center vuole ringraziare i suoi sponsor per tutto il supporto ricevuto:  Domina Coral Bay, Uk-Germany, Polosub, Carbonio GFT e  First Care Medical Services. Un ringraziamento speciale va a Linda Paganelli, Jacques des Vos, Paola Moccia e Luca Novelli per il loro prezioso aiuto.

Enjoy the blue and dive safe!

Back in action


Happy to be perfectly back in action, with our platform in the water, ready to host trainings, deep dives and record attempts in any disciplines.
You can spot our historical platform in the picture… just look at the small mystery object in the middle of the sea!!!
We are really thankful to Sheikh Coast Diving Center staff and his manager for all the support and the precious help received to make our dreams comes true!!!

Enjoy the blue and dive safe!!!

Felici di essere tornati perfettamente in azione, con la nostra storica piattaforma nuovamente in mare, pronta per ospitare allenamenti, immersioni profonde e tentativi di record in ogni disciplina.
Potete vedere la nostra piattaforma nelle foto… basta che guardiate quel piccolo e misterioso oggetto in mezzo al mare!!!
Siamo veramente grati allo staff dello Sheikh Coast Diving Center e al suo manager, per tutto il supporto e per il prezioso aiuto ricevuto per fare in modo che i nostri sogni diventino realtà!!!

Enjoy the blue and dive safe!!

Only One Apnea Center @ Domina Coral Bay

Finally our project has become a reality: from 1 week we have started the adventure in our new location inside the famous hotel complex Domina Coral Bay! Our office is beside the Sheikh Coast diving center, at only few steps from the flat waters of Tiger Bay… yes, we are definitely in love with our new location: no wind, no waves, no current all day long…. the dream comes true!

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